An examination of a vehicle, or file of papers if a physical examination is no longer possible, is something that should only be undertaken by somebody properly qualified and experienced.

Each kind of examination should be comprehensive and specifically tailored to the suit the purpose for which it is commissioned.

It is for those reasons and my track record that people turn to me and include private, hire & fleet vehicle owners, plant & agricultural machinery operators, the consumer media, insurers, lawyers, Trading Standards Officers, claims investigators, the Police and the Courts all who require good, strong independent Expert Witness.

My work complies with the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 for Experts and Assessors which binds me to fulfil the duty I owe to the Court as Independent Expert in everything I do on matters which are

within my experience and which overrides any obligation to the person from whom I received instructions or by whom I am paid.

Therefore, irrespective of whether instructed by Claimant or Defendant, Prosecuting or Defending, my report and conclusions will remain the same.

In order to assist Clients in respect of proportionality in a claim, I operate an initial preview policy and so, if on initial review of the evidence I find a report by me will not help, I will say so from the outset to avoid the unnecessary cost of a lengthy, detailed report.

I hope my website provides you with the sort of help & guidance you need to determine your requirement, a solution to any predicament in which you may have found yourself and somebody, even if not me, to help you.