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Mark Brown AEA Ltd is a Company Registered in England at Companies House carrying all the necessary insurances such as Public & Employer’s Liability, Professional Indemnity etc.

As its Principal, I have at my disposal all the industry standard tools for the valuation and costing of repairs to most vehicles.  I also have the facility for HPi-style Experian vehicle data checking and am able to offer forensic examinations, assessment and analysis of almost every kind of problem on virtually any kind of motor vehicle.

Uniquely, I am probably the only Engineer in the UK who is able to undertake DVLA Keeper Searches as an authorised ABI (Association of British Investigators) Member which enables me to track down vehicles which are potentially subject to fraudulent activity and which often suddenly become difficult to find for reasons which may or may not be innocent.

I am a fully trained car and commercial motor vehicle mechanic by trade to distinction and Technician standard and so my expertise is underpinned by good, sound engineering knowledge and experience.

My apprenticeship was initially in the motor trade at a vehicle Manufacturer’s main franchised dealership working for two years in their “Test House” which, effectively, was a replica commercial vehicle MOT Testing Station with certain additions such as a dynamometer for power tuning vehicles – including trucks & buses!

My grounding in the methodology and discipline of examining vehicles started there where I assisted, became trained in and carried out vehicle examinations of all kinds on all sorts of vehicles and for a whole host of reasons which included pre-MOT Testing, quality control and detailed fault diagnosis.

I rose through the ranks of the retail motor trade and fleet transport industry to workshop management and lectured at a local technical college on the Transport Managers’ examination course (Certificate of Professional Competence).

I owned Banwells which became one of the country’s leading firms of vehicle examiners with John Turner from 1999 having started work there originally in 1990 when I soon studied towards the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors entry examinations which I passed.  Later I solely owned and run Banwells until the sale of my shareholding to GBB Holdings who now own and successfully run the business taking it on to new heights.

I am registered with the Engineering Council as an Engineering Technician, a full Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry with whom I am also registered as an Advanced Automotive Engineer, I hold full corporate membership of the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors and their European equivalent which is the Federation Internationale des Experts en Automobiles. I am a Full Member of the Society of Operations Engineers, the Institute of Road Transport Engineers, the Institute of British Investigators and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

I hold a full, clean UK car driving licence, an advanced driving licence, I am fully licensed to drive buses and coaches of all kinds and commercial vehicles up to Class 1 articulated trucks.

Therefore, my experience is wide and varied and equips me for almost any kind of vehicle examination for any reason, be it forensic consistency/compatibility study, mechanical or electrical failure, investigation into the cause of fire or component failure, pre-purchase examinations, Satisfactory Quality inspections etc.

I am “Checked” by the legal profession as a member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and have been working as an Expert Witness since 1990. Therefore, I understand my duty to the Courts and my role when working with and for lawyers, at conferences with Counsel, answering Part 35 Questions, working for the Courts and to Court imposed deadlines preparing Joint Statements with other Experts where I virtually always justify conclusions and opinions contained in my CPR format reports which I am able to justify because they are founded on good, sound engineering principles, science and common sense.  I have some Court experience although the need to attend Court is becoming less common these days with the new Court Rules which serves to reduce the need for Experts attending at Court and so sensibly reduces the cost of litigation.

I am used to applying myself specifically to a wide variety of Client’s instruction, as detailed and complex as they might be, fully understanding and getting to grips with all aspects of the evidence and every aspect of a case and am able to provide advice on every Engineering angle.

I understand claims from the points of view of litigants and Insurer’s, an Insurer’s responsibilities and the extent to which their liability should stretch under all the various heads of damage which might arise under a motor or legal claim and how they can and should be mitigated.  I also can identify and deal with the tricks-of-the-trade and any other sharp practices the motor trade, litigants, claimants, some accident managers and others might employ in hiking the value of a claim, affecting a claim in other ways or falling foul of consumers.

My reports use Newtonian Physics where appropriate in my determination of the consistency/compatibility of damage vehicle/s are said to have inflicted on each other in a collision between them and all my reports use “in-report” illustrational and diagrammatical aids to help demonstrate and highlight certain aspects of evidence to reinforce my opinions and conclusions.

I am entirely used to getting to grips with the intricacies and technicalities a compatibility/consistency case might throw up and am experienced in all aspects of almost all automotive engineering consultancy which takes me into roles such as those where I help consumer organisations such as Trading Standards Officers on individual cases or on special projects they undertake and also the BBC’s Your Money Their Tricks, Rogue Traders and Watchdog programs on which I have appeared approximately 20 times assisting in their fight against anti-consumer practices.  My most recent work for BBC’s Rogue Traders is due to be aired during the new seriews which starts in May (2015).

So, I really am “as seen on TV”!

I have also worked for The Sun newspaper and AutoTrader on high profile issues which are consumer and motor related.

I am prepared to consider travel anywhere in the UK to physically examine vehicles first-hand which is always best evidence, or take instruction on desktop type assessments reporting on whatever evidence might be available.

I can guarantee that, if instructed to carry out physical vehicle examinations, I will examine any or all the vehicles concerned in person and produce the report myself.

I can provide a reporting service tailored to a Client’s own requirement offering, for example, briefer advice style reporting if a cheaper and quicker “heads-up” on a case is required to help with a decision in terms of direction on a case and whether to pursue the Claim or Defence fully with an evidentially strong CPR report for disclosure and possible use in litigation on either desktop basis or following physical inspections of vehicles, components etc.

Free advice is available in the first instance to help with a decision whether to spend any amount of time and money taking a matter further.  Therefore, if you have something you’d like to discuss with me, please get in touch.

Mark Brown

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