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Mark Brown AEA Ltd
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If you need help & advice selecting a vehicle you intend buying, have a problem with a vehicle, servicing or repairs that you’ve paid for, need assistance with a legal or insurance claim on whichever side of the claim you find yourself whether Claimant, Defendant or Insurer or have experienced problems with parts that you think failed prematurely due to mechanical or electrical failure, if you require the cause of a fire investigating or need help investigating and evaluating the engineering evidence on a claim I am probably your man!

If you find nothing here which helps you or if you prefer to have a preliminary discussion about a case, please feel free to either call me or e-mail and I’d be pleased to discuss, consider and advise on your situation free of charge initially.  If I find a report wouldn’t help you or was uneconomic when the nature & value of the problem is identified at that stage, I’d tell you from the outset and save you the expense of a report.

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